Wednesday, 1 April 2015

"Romeo Gigli on Acid!"

Black Baccara I
Went to see "Dior and I" last night....a spectacular documentary about the House of Dior, its original designer, Mr Christian Dior and its current artistic director, Raf Simons.
Alla Moda....thanks for organising this wonderful event...and thanks
for donating to the Second Chance Program.‎
We all know that the House of Dior was 'spectacular' under Mr Christian Dior....and it looks like Raf Simons, another extremely creative and sensitive Belgian designer, is set to soar the House into further delirious heights in the future.

In the documentary, Raf works with his team.....creating, designing and sculpting fabrics, pinning, examining, pondering possibilities, stressing, wanting the impossible etc create his magnificent haute couture collection.

We also see him visit the Gerhard Richter exhibition at The Pompidou Centre, which I saw in Paris in 2012 too.

Glorious, painted splotched, splattered and squeegeed canvasses....from Raf's reaction I think I can safely say that he loved the Richter paintings as much as I did!

For this collection, Raf collaborated with long term friend and artist, Sterling Ruby, to translate Ruby's fabulous abstract 'splattered and splotched' canvasses to fabric.‎.

Extremely complex....digitally produced....the fabric is finally created and delivered to Raf and it's WOW factor material.  

Sculpting a coat from the 'Ruby' inspired fabric immediately and directly onto the model, Raf chuckles and says,"Romeo Gigli on acid!"

So.... here's a little of that 2012 Gerhard Richter exhibition at The Pompidou Centre, Paris.

It's WOW factor material too....and it's coming to Brisbane!
Gerhard Richter Exhibition at The Pompidou Centre, Paris 2012
All paintings above and below by Gerhard Richter....coming to GOMA, Brisbane in 2018.
Richter, a German artist, has been hailed as one of the most important painters of the 20th & 21st-centuries.
No...not a photograph...a Gerhard Richter painting!
The colours, scale, technique, originality and quality of the work just blew me away.

Gerhard Richter.....I'll be waiting for those luminous scratched, peeled, splattered, splotched and squeegeed canvasses in 2018.  Can't wait!


Black Baccara II
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  1. Hello, dear Robyn! I am up and running from my new dwelling and back in business on my blog. Thank you very much for the nice send off when I left a couple of weeks ago.

    As I resume blogging your site is my very first stop of the day. I share the experience of being blown away by Gerhard Richter's creations. As I examine them I feel like I'm falling into them. Imagine having such a gallery in your home!

    Thank you, dear friend Robyn, for the burst of color and inspiration as I begin a new day and the next chapter of my SDMM blogging career from my new location.

    1. Glad to have you back dear Shady. So pleased that all went well and 'the next chapter' has begun. A very big thing moving to a new city and I suspect it will take a little time to feel 'at home' and relaxed.....but an exciting adventure nevertheless.

      I'm glad that you liked Gerhard Richter....truly mind blowing work and what a coup to have such an exhibition in Brisbane. A few years to wait for it....but I don't mind.

      I've missed your marvellous blogs looking forward to them again. You were spot on about Chysta Bell....very moody, mysterious, Lynchian-type vocals. Her performance was wonderful and her band cool and tight. Really enjoyed their music.

      Welcome back Shady!



    2. Thank you, dear Robyn, and thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed the Chrysta Bell show.

  2. loved the video + how talented he is.

    1. Peggy.....both Raf and Gerhard are brilliant.

      The film gives a real insight into this wonderful creative designer....hails from Belgium....ideas galore....and appears very kind and humble. Sensitive, a team player, but still a leader.....I really like his style and the way he delivered it.

      And Richter is a star! His canvasses sell for millions and millions....incredible. What a treat it was to see them at The Pompidou....and soon in Brisbane.

      Thanks again darling Peggy for visiting.



  3. Breath-takingly beautiful works Robyn.......this will be a top class exhibition for Brisbane. GOMA is one of the best things that happened to Briz. non? Jude

    1. That's right Jude. The Government got it right with this one. It's a winner in every way. The Richter exhibition will be wonderful....the Paris one just blew me away.

      GoMA really has everything.....unique architecture, great exhibitions, great staff, beautiful views, fab restaurant and excellent workshops for everyone. It's one of my favourite places that's for sure.

      Thanks again Aunty Jude for visiting....Xiu Xiu says to tell you he REALLY likes the look of your chooks and hopes one day to 'chase' them...oops he means 'play' with them!


    2. Bonaparte will look forward to playing with you too Xiu Xiu